Founded in 2015

International Call Center of Texas was founded in May 2015 to support a multi-national major telecommunication industry client. As such, our facilities were set up in the strict requirement of the industry standard and can easily integrate with the special product support database for a rapid and smooth deployment with very little lead time.

International Call Center of Texas is located in the high tech concentrated North Texas area. We are a local business in the northern part of Dallas, Texas and our employees are local Americans speaking your language and sometimes maybe with a little bit of an accent of Texan, while providing you with the following professional services with a Texas styled care and commitment:

  1. Product Support Center:

    ICCTX provides a full range of product support center to be your technical team that answers inbound calls from customers on your company’s products and services sold or distributed in the United States and elsewhere, through a global toll-free calling system, around the clock.

  2. Sales & Order Processing Center:

    ICCTX provides a variety of sales and order processing related call services that include both outbound sales calls and inbound order processing services to manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, that sale their products and/or services in the United States or elsewhere and need a professional processing team to assist in their continued success.

  3. Tech Support Center:

    ICCTX also provides a selective range of IT related technical support to enterprise customers from small to medium sized businesses as well as large corporations, thanks to the unique combination of the technical expertise among the staff and the Team, especially in the following areas:
    • Company LAN Admin
    • Website Design & Hosting
    • Hosted Email and Data Storage
    • Computer Repairs and Disaster Recovery
    • Onsite Phone Equipment and VoIP PBX Support

  4. Customer Service Center:

    ICCTX’s customer service center provides many customized customer services based on our clients’ unique needs and requirement. We can also help our customers design a total solution to meet their customer and marketing support needs to enhance their business image and customer service experience and delivery.

  5. Emergency & After-Hour Call Center:

    ICCTX provides to businesses of all sizes an 24/7/365 solution to all their emergency and after-hour communication needs. We can take care of your customers while you are away from the office or closed for the day so your customers, clients and users or patients are always in contact and you do not miss a single call or business at the same time.